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To Help You Plan Your Next Vacation with

Filipino Calendar for Public & Special Holiday, Long Weekends

The Philippines citiesmunicipalities, or barangays, often observe one or more holidays. Being a predominantly Catholic country, these are usually the feasts of the locale's one or more patron saints.Secular observances usually mark a government's founding day or the birth or death of a prominent native. These are often celebrated with paradesprocessions, entertainment, and feasting, as well as whatever local customs, are traditional.


Local holidays, for the most part, are applicable only to the immediate area concerned, and barangay fiestas do not usually warrant a public holiday for the area unless otherwise ordered. Such holidays are usually declared as special non-working days and are proclaimed by the President.


NOTE: All Holiday dates noted below were correct at time of publication but can be changed  or additional Holidays added as per the Philippines Government as at 2018


Remarks courtesy of PhilStar, Dole & Mr Duturte.

Holidays in the Philippines in 2018



Jan 1     Monday   New Year's Day Regular Holiday 

Feb 16   Friday   Chinese Lunar New Year's Day Special Non-working Holiday 

Feb 25  Sunday   People Power Anniversary Observance 

Mar 20  Tuesday   March equinox  Season 

Mar 29  Thursday  Maundy Thursday Regular Holiday 

Mar 30  Friday   Good Friday Regular Holiday 

Apr 1    Sunday  Easter Sunday Observance 

Apr 9    Monday  The Day of Valor Regular Holiday 

Apr 13  Friday  Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj  Common Local holidays 

May 1   Tuesday  Labor Day Regular Holiday 

Jun 12  Tuesday  Independence Day Regular Holiday 

Jun 16  Saturday  Eidul-Fitar Common Local holidays 

Jun 21  Thursday  June Solstice Season 

Aug 21 Tuesday  Ninoy Aquino Day Special Non-working Holiday 

Aug 22 Wednesday  Id-ul-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) Common Local holidays 

Aug 23 Thursday  Id-ul-Adha Day 2 Common Local holidays 

Aug 27 Monday  National Heroes Day holiday Regular Holiday 

Sep 12 Wednesday  Amun Jadid Muslim, Common Local holidays 

Sep 23 Sunday  September equinox Season 

Nov 1   Thursday  All Saints' Day Special Non-working Holiday 

Nov 2   Friday  All Souls' Day Observance 

Nov 21 Wednesday  Maulid un-Nabi Common Local holidays 

Nov 30 Friday  Bonifacio Day Regular Holiday 

Dec 8   Saturday  Feast of the Immaculate Conception National holiday 

Dec 21 Friday  December Solstice Season 

Dec 24 Monday  Christmas Eve Observance 

Dec 25 Tuesday  Christmas Day Regular Holiday 

Dec 30 Sunday  Rizal Day Regular Holiday 

Dec 31 Monday  New Year's Eve Special Non-working Holiday 

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