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VISA on Arrival for Filipinos

20 Countries to Visit in 2018 for Philippines Passport Holders

(Updated: July 14, 2018 – Visa Free, Visa Waiver & Visa-on-Arrival Countries)


Are you planning to use your Philippines passport this year, here are the awesome places you should add on your bucket list!  Here’s the list of the Visa free and Visa-on-arrival countries for Filipinos who want to have a new adventure in 2018. New Year means new and more travel adventures to come. So, to fuel your wanderlust soul we’ve come up with the list of awesome places to visit with your Philippines passport.  Visa Free and Visa-on-Arrival Countries to Visit in 2018  for Filipinos. More Countries allowing Filipinos  Visa on arrival comming soon. LEx. will inform you here!


1. Baños, Ecuador

Where: South America
Visa-free entry: 90 days
This town in Ecuador is famous for extreme activities. A perfect example is the famous “Swing at the end of the world”.

You can surely swing to your hearts’ content. For adrenaline junkies, this is a must visit.

Ecuador has some of the great backpacker's hostels and they are really cheap




2. Sapa, Vietnam

Where: Asia

Visa-Free Entry: 21 days

 Terrace rice fields? Vietnam also has it. This small town in North Western Vietnam is famous for trekking enthusiasts.

From Hanoi, you can arrange your visit in this town for trekking tours and markets.

If you’re looking for cheap places to stay in Vietnam (from North to South)



4.  4000 islands, Laos

Where: Asia
Visa-Free Entry: 30 days
Would you like to take it slow? Here in 4000 islands,  you can do that. The perfect description as a land of lotus eaters,

where you can relax and just watch the sun goes down. During the dry season, the water from the Mekong river dries out and the thousands of island, islet and sandbar shows up.





5. Suriname

Where: South America

Visa-Free Entry: 90 days

Use to be one of the Guyanas in South America. If you are a Philippines passport holder, consider to visiting Suriname in South America to bond with nature and experience their culture.

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6. Nairobi, Kenya

Where: Africa
Visa-On-Arrival: 90 days
Other than experiencing the wild African safari and mingle with the locals of Kenya, volunteering gigs are also

available in Nairobi. It’s time to give something back to the community.

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7. Yerevan, Armenia

Where: Asia

Visa-On-Arrival: 120 days

Appreciate the history and the scenic beauty of Armenia. Visit as many monasteries as you can to find your inner peace.

Straddled between Asia and Europe, Armenia can surely give you the glimpse of the first civilization and serenity with nature.



8. La Paz, Bolivia

Where: South America

Visa-Free Entry: 90 days

Another adventurous, adrenaline rush activity that you should do in Bolivia is the Death Road biking experience.

This is a YOLO moment indeed! Just be careful!


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9. Georgia 

Where: Asia

E- Visa: 90 days (GCC can get a visa on arrival)

Do you want to experience snow, but worried or don’t want to get a visa? Amigo, go to Georgia.

This country in Central Asia can make your dream come true to experience snow without the hassle of getting any visa.  

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the scenic landscape in Tbilisi.

For things to do in Georgia, check out this article!


10. Mongolia

Where: Asia

Visa-Free Entry: 21 days

Visit the birthplace of Genghis Khan, the greatest warrior, and ruler of the Mongolian Empire. Your trip to Mongolia

won’t be complete without paying a visit to this gigantic statue of Genghis Khan. You can also visit one of the world’s greatest desert, Gobi Desert.


11. Morocco

Where: Africa
Visa-Free Entry: 90 days

The gateway to the Sahara Desert, Morocco offers a different experience in Africa. Marrakech gives you

the taste of Ottoman culture. The Fez and Agadir are the towns that worth visiting. Casablanca, charming modern commercial town, that still have the touch of its French and Moorish colonial past. 

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12. Maldives 

Where: Asia

Visa-on-Arrival: 30 days

The Maldives is known for their fine white sands, turquoise blue sea, and luxury resorts.

You can definitely still enjoy the wonderful tropical paradise.


13. Dharamsala, India

Where: Asia
E- Visa:  30 days
Need some soul- searching and meditation moment, this would be an ideal place for your all the wanderlust yogi

out there or probably a relaxing vacation. This is also the place where the Dalai Lama lives. How much is it to backpack in India? Read our personal experience here.

Also, India is a really cheap country to visit, if you will be traveling on your own, you should stay at these backpacker hostels to meet fellow travelers! 

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14.  Kandy, Sri Lanka

Where: Asia

E-Visa: 30 days

A World Heritage UNESCO site, the Sacred city of Kandy. The Temple of the Tooth relic is a famous pilgrimage site

for Buddist. Kandy is also known for their tea plantation, my favorite tea, the Ceylon tea.


15. Yangon, Myanmar

Where: Asia

Visa-Free Entry: 14 days

Formerly known as Rangoon, the old capital of Myanmar (Burma). Explore different pagodas and Buddhist temple dotted around the city. 


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16. Papua New Guinea

Where: Oceania

Visa-On-Arrival: 60 days

Bond with nature and explore the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. The country can offer an authentic experience

with nature whether on land or sea. Enjoy the moments away from all the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations.

See and experience Goroka Sho, a cultural dance performance in this town in Papua New Guinea



17. Fiji

Where: Oceania

Visa-Free Entry: 120 days

Another good source of vitamin sea. This country in the Pacific has 300 islands to choose from.

A great destination if you wanted to relax and enjoy its natural wonders.


18. Timor-Leste (East Timor)

Where: Asia

Visa-On-Arrival: 30 days

One of the off-the-beaten tracks countries to visit. Not far from the Philippines and Indonesia, surely you will find new and exciting places to visit here.


19. Kosovo- Europe

Where: Europe

Visa Waiver for 15 Days or you can apply for Kosovo visa in Istanbul, Turkey

If you have any OECD countries valid tourist visa (Japan, USA, Schengen, UK, Canada, Australia etc)

then you can get a free visa to travel to Kosovo, however, another option is applying for a visa in Istanbul, Turkey.

Europe’s newest country since 2008 after gained their independence from Serbia. Located in the scenic region of the Balkans. This EU’s new founded nation will surely be considered as one of an unexpectedly beautiful place.



20. Haiti

Where: Caribbean

Visa-Free Entry: 90 days

Tucked in the Caribbean, this country has been misunderstood and forgotten for a while.

Time to re-discover and re-kindle the connection to this culturally diverse country and blessed with natural wonders.

Looking for other countries to visit in the Caribbean? Check out our Travel Guides here!








Information is Courtesy of Two Monkeys Travel Blog

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