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GETAWAYS in the Philippines will help you 

It's time to start enjoying Life and going on a GETAWAY to help Balance your Working Life with your Personal Life - Have some fun & laughter, bring your family and friends go Explore the 100's of amazing destinations The Philippines have to offer, close to Manila ~ Rejuvenate your body & mind, go exploring, trekking, swimming, sailing or just a relaxing Getaway, with a soothing  Massage, aahhh that sounds good to me too,  all whilst Enjoying Life - Take a look at what LEx. can offer you at Discounted Rates - It's more Fun in the Philippines - keep reading . . . 


How to Enjoy Your Weekend (Before It’s Over)

Do you know the story of Sisyphus? In Greek mythology, the king of Ephyra was punished by being forced to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity. In modern times, sometimes the only thing that separates us from this legendary convict is the sweet desire to enjoy your weekend. After countless hours of going through documents, organizing stuff in excel sheets and fighting with printers, we all wait for our sacred weekly gateway before being called back to the boulder.

Weekends, when handled correctly, are pure fun. A precious break that refuels you with the energy needed for the various boring tasks you’ll encounter next week. However, the biggest problem with weekends is the fact that they’re over so fast (although arguably not as fast as it would take you to create a website). That being said, we’ve gathered these following tips to help you extract every ounce of joy from your free time and commit fully to a successfully spent weekend:


1. Plan ahead

We know, planning ahead might sound like something people who enjoy sharpening pencils do, but trust us, it will deliver results. The concept itself is pretty obvious, yet still extremely important. First of all, don’t just write “SLEEP” on your calendar from Friday night until Monday morning. It’s not that funny (okay, maybe a little bit) and won’t get you very far in your quest to conquer the 2 days ahead. Contrarily, don’t over plan every minute of your free time, or it will feel just like any other appointment packed day at the office.

Just take a step back and try to create some kind of list – and if you have a good memory, you don’t even need to write it down. Think of all the things you want to do and what will be the ideal order to organize them. For example, grab coffee with a friend in the morning, squeeze in a few errands after, then some grocery shopping and finally back home. See, it’s not exactly the complexity level of an Ocean Elevenplan. It’ll take you maybe 4 minutes. Furthermore, making plans will allow you to enjoy the more “exclusive” activities that require booking in advance, i.e., a trampoline basketball tournament with your buddies, dinner at that fancy restaurant everyone and their moms are talking about, or finally meeting up with your old college roommate that’s been M.I.A.


2. Get adventurous

Plans or not, try to avoid your stale everyday routine. The weekend isn’t any other day of the week, so don’t treat it this way when choosing what to do. Leave all the “but I need to get up for work tomorrow” excuses behind and pick something fun and exciting to do. Something that will get you out of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally. It can be a road trip, a quiet night outside under the stars, a Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones binge or practically anything you wouldn’t have time for on a weekday.
















3. Free up your upcoming week

Although possibly the least fun on our list, this one has some advantages that we must point out. Agreeably, you probably hate working on weekends, but sometimes doing so gives you the chance to cross off some urgent items faster than other occasions. This can be anything from writing a creative blog more efficiently from the comfort of your quiet home (hmm… sounds familiar for some reason) to those mundane chores like cleaning, folding clothes, and clearing out your inbox.



4. Change locations

We all have a special bond with our bed and sofa, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t separate yourself from their soft grips. As much as “potatoing” sounds like the ultimate way to spend free time, staying at home for too long might have a bad aftertaste. You don’t want to get to Sunday night feeling a strong cocktail of low-esteem, parental-criticism, and FOMO. So stop this while you can; go to a cafe, eat breakfast in the park or get some vitamin D. It’s already 6 PM and you haven’t left your place? If your plans were to watch a movie tonight, why not at the nearby cinema? Changing locations will make your weekend feel richer and full of experiences, even if you could do similar things from home.


5. Rest

We’re not saying lie horizontally for twelve hours a day and practically become a bed accessory, but it’s important to get an adequate amount of sleep. As a rule of thumb, try to get at least seven hours of sleep each weekend night. Keep in mind that this is also the time to recover from all the sleepless nights you accumulated throughout the week. Squeeze in a nap or two as well. Good sleep is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle that will benefit your heart, weight, and mind.


6. Move your body

The weekend is the perfect time to jog, dance or go to the gym – unlike weeknights where the chances of you having free-time to exercise are low. The end of the week provides you all the time you need in order to work those muscles. Don’t let Saturday and Sunday’s chilled vibes get in your head too much. Even if you don’t believe that intense physical exercise is important for your weekly break, you can find a way to trick yourself into accomplishing something anti-sluggish. For example, try meeting with a friend on the other side of town or hopping between not-so-close stores when shopping.

Still can’t see yourself running around the neighborhood on the weekend? Here’s a more fun alternative: Give your favorite ball game a chance. Maybe you can join an organized team or just a neighborhood group that plays together during the weekend? No matter what you’ll choose to do, do something. Sorry to be the one to say it again, but we all know that physical activity lowers the risk of a heart attack, cholesterol levels, and type 2 diabetes. On an instant gratification level, it helps you feel better too.


7. Save some time for yourself

Weekends aren’t just for tasks, running around or socializing. They’re also a great time to spend a few hours with the most important person in your life: you. Do stuff that makes you feel good, energized, and stress-free. It can be that book buried underneath all the mess on your bed stand waiting for you to give it some love, a TV show you want to binge for 2-3 hours or even a movie a friend recommended awhile back. Another cool idea is to finally go over the list you made of all the great songs you Shazamed during the last 6 months.




Part Article courtesy of WIX - LegendsTraveler - keeping you informed.


Want to do something productive this weekend? Check some suggestions below - enjoy!

The Masungi Georeserve in Tanay, Rizal.j

1, 2 or 3 Day GETAWAY TOURS Around the Philippines


Island Life: Backpacking in Northern Leyte


From unspoiled beaches to breathtaking sunsets, and a magnificent underwater world, Northern Leyte is paradise found for any self-proclaimed beachcomber. Like many other provinces in the country, this part of the Visayas is a patchwork:  a collection of sleepy seaside villages, sandbars, and vast island groups.


BAGUIO Tour Package

Package Inclusions:

  • 3 Days & 2 Night Hotel accommodation

  • Baguio City Tour

  • RT Manila-Baguio -Manila Transfer

  • Airconditioned Van Transportation (Driver, toll, fuel)

from Php2,990 / pax


BALER Tour Package
2D/1N includes Accommodation, Breakfast

Escape to Baler for a great adventure recognized as one of the top surfing spots in the Philippines and then the Country Side Tour on your return have a 1-hour Surfing Lesson with Instructor + Board, swim in the warm clear water 


from Php1,800 /person


Batangas - Tagaytay 

is the home of sages and the birthplace of the country's notable nationalist. These historical places are the legacies of the old colonial era. The province is also widely known as the home of baraco coffee (rich, robust-tasting coffee beans) and delicate embroidery crafts on locally woven jusi and piña fibers. Many white Sandy beaches dot the coastline, so much to see, do and explore 1 day is just not enough to appreciate this amazing Region



The Philippines is known for having wonderful shorelines, heavenly nourishment, and accommodating individuals. Much to your dismay that it is likewise one of the best places to encounter outrageous Sports and an incredible place to visit in case you're searching for adrenaline pumping fun that you should attempt in the Philippines. The Canyoning tour at Kawasan Falls is a fun adventure for everybody, which does not involve abseiling and the use of climbing gears unlike on our more challenging tours at Montaneza or Tison Falls. 


Cebu Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Resort & Tower

2D/1N Sky Adventure with Dinner ( min.2 pax )

  • 1-night hotel accommodation (extension nights allowed)

  • Entrance Fee

  • One (1) Ride (choice of Sky Walk Extreme or Edge Coaster)

  • Dinner (Dinner w/ 4D movie for children)



ILOCOS Tour  Package

GETAWAYS FROM THE CITY, see amazing Sites

Tour Highlights: Visit historical sites (old churches, houses, and museums) in Vigan and Paoay. Nature sight-seeing in Pagudpud (rock formations, beaches, falls, sand dunes)

Includes Accommodation 3D/2N, Breakfast, Ilocos Tour - Laoag, Vigan, Pagudpud with Airport / Bus Terminal Pick-up 


from Php2,750/person



2D/1N - Overnight accommodation with a.c Room + cable TV

Includes - Entrance Fee  *  Full board Buffet Meals: Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch Free flowing coffee and tea during meal time - Free use of our swimming pools with access to New Wave Pool!  Free use of Slip and Slide, Slide Pinoy, Earth Ball, Obstacle Course Ferryboattransfers to and from the resort Jeepney transfer inside the resort 


from Php5,500 / person 



Ride a Motorbanca, passing secluded coves and beaches towards Puerto Galera Bay, awarded as one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. Visit the Coral Garden where you can go snorkeling Puerto Galera-style: you glide across the reef while hanging on a smaller motorboat Or maybe try fish-feeding by simply bringing with you a loaf of bread. Afterward, enjoy a BBQ picnic lunch near the beach to cap the wonderful day staying at Tropicana Castle Dive Resort

3D/2N from Php 4,350/person


SAGADA Tour Package

Sagada evokes a sense of freedom - liberation from things modern, of life that is stressful. No wonder many urbanites head off to this highland be rewarded by a sweeping view of the rice terraces, amazed by the hanging coffins, their tummies filled with sumptuous food includes Return  Van Transfers - Manila - Sagada - Manila.

Accommodation 3D/2N with Sagada Tour and a side Trip to Banaue Terraced Rice Fields

from Php3,600/person



For some continuous Fun, and Adrenalin rushes, a trip to Pampanga

for a great day out with friends & family

Giant Swing, Aerial Walk - Adventure Tower with Free Fall - Rappel Wall plus - Wall Climbing, Roller Coaster,

ZipLine, Mini Golf and includes

Sandbox Entrance fee



from Php1,600/person


SCUBA  DIVING  Adventures  in the Philippines

With more than 7,100 tropical islands, clear warm water, vast coral reefs and mind-blowingly beautiful flora and fauna make the Philippines a true scuba diver’s paradise. You can find almost every underwater adventure and experience here. 


Scuba Adventures start from Php1,600/person


 Subic Bay

Once an American Naval Base, is now a Freeport Zone that marries eco-wilderness, industrial parks,top-of-the-line resorts, and beautiful beaches. It caresses the marvelous Subic Bay, which is perfect for diving, underwater excursions, and fishing.  You will also find ruins and abandoned American barracks.And of course, you can’t leave out the restaurants, gaming centers the amazing Ocean adventure park, Zoobic Safari Zoo and so much more on your Getaway Tour 



Batangas - Tagatay


All Day Tour Package Inclusive - pick up from your Manila Hotel -  Taal Volcano Island Trekking Whole Day Tour (Originating from Manila)  Roundtrip hotel transfers SIC (Seat-in-Coach)
Set Lunch and Boat Ride


Tips on Trekking - Volcano's here

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