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Colors of Russia Tour

9 DAYS/ 8 NIGHTS Touring Moscow and St.Petersburg from US$3,288 


All Inclusive of Flights, Accommodation, Transfers, Breakfast, Lunch & Diners plus Tours & more


Booking accessible now for an Amazing RUSSIA Holiday in 2019


MOSCOW -  This city is exceptionally famous with remote visitors going to our nation. Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is trusted that the city is eight and a half hundreds of years old. The principal record of it in the accounts is dated in the year 1147. The many-sided towers and dividers of the Moscow Kremlin were worked to a plan of Italian planners. The Russian Government works in the Kremlin, so vacationers are just permitted to the piece of its region where the houses of prayer, the most seasoned Russian historical center, the Armory Chamber, and the Diamond Fund with its one of a kind gathering of valuable stones and gems are located. Still worth a visit. 


On the off chance that quite a bit of Russia reviews its Eastern as opposed to Western roots, St Petersburg is the place you'll feel Russia's European impacts and desires. The city was established under tiring conditions by Peter the Great as his 'window on the West' at the main point where customary Russian domain meets a seaway to northern Europe. Worked with eighteenth and nineteenth-century European grandeur and organization, predominantly by European designers, the outcome is a city that remaining parts one of Europe's generally wonderful. 

The vistas of exquisite structures over the wide Neva River and along the trenches and roads review Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, and Berlin. 

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Russia Vacations and Tours

9D/8N TOUR - Colours of Russia from US$3288

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