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TAIWAN - What to do in

What to know about Taiwan

On the off chance that you have been googling arrangements of most went by nations in Asia by Filipinos, odds are you won't discover Taiwan on any rundown. A great many people, particularly Filipinos, don't know much about Taiwan — with the exception of, obviously, for the way that it is the place the hit Asian TV Drama Meteor Garden began which overwhelmed the Philippines. Going to Taiwan, you'll unquestionably understand that it offers an assortment of encounters for various types of explorers… thus significantly more. 

Taiwan, authoritatively known as The Republic of China, is an astounding nation settled amidst the sea simply off the shore of terrain China. Their official dialect is Mandarin, so you should need to tidy off that Mandarin to English book. There's additionally a perceptible Japanese impact that holds on right up 'til today, and it originates from the period when Taiwan was under Japanese run the show. 

Here are the best reasons why you have to book an outing to Taiwan detail! 



Taiwan will soon offer sans visa passage to Philippine Passport holders. It will be on a one-year time for testing which will allow Filipinos to enter and remain in Taiwan sans visa for 30 days. All Filipinos including the former OFWs in Taiwan and those who have never been abroad are able to travel to Taiwan without a visa for the purposes of tourism, business, transit, visiting relatives, attending functions or events. Verified on Oct 16, 2017 - Filipinos are now Visa Free!


Spur of the moment, sightseers who have a current or utilized visa from Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, or any of the Schengen nations, the United Kingdom, or the United States may likewise enter Taiwan without a visa

For more data about the Philippine Passport Holders' visa excluded arrangement, please visit the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines. On the off chance that you are not a Philippine travel permit holder, you can check if your nation is incorporated into the without visa list on the website2 of Taiwan's Bureau of Consular Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 



Taiwan is just a 2-hour plane ride from the Philippines. Spending carriers, for example, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia, normally offer cheaper airfares going to Taipei. Amid situated deals, the normal cost of a Return Flight from these carriers would cost around Php 2,800 to Php 3,500 barring Travel Tax Fee. General airfare costs around Php 5,000 and up contingent upon which carrier you're taking and when you book your outing. 



Taiwan's capital, Taipei, is home to one of Asia's most energizing road sustenance scenes. As per Gothamist Getaways, road nourishment is the sign of Taiwanese eating, and night markets are the quintessential Taiwanese experience. 

Never pass on the chance to visit the first Din Tai Fung, a Michelin-featured Chinese eatery known for its delectable Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumplings with soup); or eat the popular dark pepper pork buns (Hu Jiao Bing) at Raohe Night Market. 


With a number of sustenance decisions accessible, you will never come up short on alternatives from breakfast to midnight nibble. Here is a portion of the astounding nourishment that you should attempt when you visit Taiwan: 


Taiwanese Breakfast 

Stinky Tofu (just in the event that you can endure the odor) 

Taiwanese Beef Noodles 

Clam Omelets 

Braised Pork Rice 

Cheddar Potato 

Rotisserie Octopus, Squid, Crablets 

Fire Grilled Oyster and Scallops 

Little Sausage wrapped in an enormous hotdog 

Muah Chee (Mochi) 

Pineapple Cake 

Taiwanese Fried Chicken 

Azuki beans cake Taiwan, yum
Azuki Beans Cake
Fish ball soup in Taiwan
Freshly made Fish Ball Soup
penis waffles, taiwan
Penis waffles

Trade RATES ARE NOT STEEP as at Jan.2018

Taiwanese Dollar (NT$ or TWD) is the official cash of Taiwan. As of composing, 1 TWD is generally proportionate to 1.64 PHP. Not awful, isn't that so? Contrasted with other best traveler goals in Asia, Taiwan's cash doesn't influence that a long way from the Philippine Peso. This implies you'll probably get the most value for your money amid your outing, particularly in case you're conveying monetary forms more grounded than the Philippine Peso. Conversion Rate (Buy/Sell) PHP/TWD = 1.7011



An outing to Taiwan isn't finished without a visit to its night markets. It is a typical installation in the nation, working from around 5 p.m. until midnight. There is over 10 night advertises in Taiwan yet, first of all, you should need to visit Raohe Street and Shilin Night Markets. 

Raohe Street Night Market is one of the most seasoned and most customary markets in Taiwan. It is found only outside of Songshan Station (MRT Green Line 3) and it extends almost 2,000 feet. It is pressed with different sorts of sustenance, shops and slows down that will keep you occupied the whole night. 

Shilin Night Market is one of the biggest in the nation. It is additionally a standout amongst the most mainstream focuses to encounter Taipei's nightlife. Situated in Taipei's Shilin District, only a couple of meters from Jiantan MRT Station, the thin path is loaded with different sorts of stock and additionally nearby food for the two nonnatives and local people. 



In the event that you need a nation that can fulfill your interest in both conventional and current culture, Taiwan is the place for you. Take a whiff of Taiwan's stunning society when you visit Lungshan Temple of Manka in Wanhua District, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Martyr's Shrine, Maokong Tea House, Jiufen and Shifen Old Street. 

For a more present day go up against the city, visit the Ximending Shopping District which is found only outside of Ximen Station in Wanhua District. Ximending resembles a smaller than usual Times Square that gets much busier during the evening when the road starts to top off with road entertainers and sightseers. 

Likewise, try to visit the accompanying places; 

Taipei 101. Named as the tallest working on the planet from 2004 to 2010, it has filled in as a symbol of present-day Taiwan as far back as it opened. 

Huashan or Songshan Creative Parks. These are open spaces where you can value Taiwanese workmanship and outline. 

Fujin Street. It's a tree-lined road considered as one of Taipei's best-kept mysteries. This area brags of a blend of diverse trendy person bistros and boutiques. 


Backpedal in time when you visit Shifen and Jiufen Old Street, which is just an hour from Taipei by means of transport or via prepare through Ruifang Station. 

Jiufen (Chiufen/Jioufen) is a residential community north of Taiwan initially worked by the Japanese. Its labyrinth of paths and back roads brags of the town's rich history and culture. Jiufen began as a confined town until the revelation of gold stores amid the Japanese occupation. A considerable measure of structures in the town stay unaltered mirroring the Japanese effect on both the engineering and culture on the island. It is known for its particular red lights and cobblestone stairways. In 2001, it turned into the motivation for the prominent Japanese vivified film Spirited Away. 


Shifen Old Streets, situated at Pingxi District, is an accumulation of paths and rear ways around the zone of the Shifen Railway Station. The railroad was initially worked to transport coal amid the Japanese period. These days, the two sides of the railroad are fundamentally loaded with skylights, trinket shops, and eateries. Discharging of vivid sky lamps is a well-known action for voyagers. Individuals compose their desires on the lights and later discharge it into the sky as it is trusted that it is an approach to pass on your desires to the divine beings above. Each side or shade of the lamp compares to a man's want. For instance, yellow is for cash and riches while pink is for bliss. 

Taiwan unique night Markets
Inside Taiwan Night Markets
Taiwan Tea Houses
Taiwan Tea Houses
entry to Taiwan Night Markets
Entry to Taiwan Night Markets


Taiwan likely has a standout amongst the most proficient open transportation frameworks in Asia. The nation is associated via prepares and transports, which makes it less demanding to visit puts even outside of Taipei. Metros are likely the most solid and advantageous approach around Taiwan's urban territories: Taipei and Kaohsiung. There are five unique lines in Taipei alone and you won't have to leave the station to exchange to a different line. 

The trains and transports are spotless and decent, which makes it such a breeze to set out starting with one point then onto the next. Cabs and Ubers are additionally accessible; simply keep an eye out at surge costs amid top hours. 

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is no less than an hour from the Taipei zone. It fills in as Taiwan's just passage point with non-stop flights from adjacent Asian nations. 


For sightseers originating from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, taxis, trains, Sky Trains and transports are accessible for the taking. After 12 midnight, you can ride either a transport, taxi or lease an auto going to Taipei. Taking the transport going to Taipei Main Station is the least expensive alternative at NT$ 125 particularly on the off chance that you are going with under 4 individuals. Rental autos outside the air terminal are additionally accessible on the off chance that you need a problem-free trek straight to your convenience. This is estimated at around NT$ 1000 for 4 travelers. 



There's truly a 7-Eleven and Family Mart store on each edge of Taipei. On the off chance that you need a snappy feast toward the beginning of the day or late during the evening, make a beeline for the closest 7-Eleven or Family Mart and attempt their hot pressed nourishment running from NT$ 35 to NT$ 100. The assortment, quality and taste of sustenance they have in these stores will without a doubt inspire you! 


Outstanding and friendly people amongst other reasons why Taiwan is such a wonderful nation is on account of local people are extremely taught and well mannered. You will be flabbergasted that regardless of how pressed the trains or transports are, nobody will sit on seats assigned for older folks or pregnant ladies. A journey worth the Bucket List! 


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